Friday, November 13, 2015

You and I : The Story

Assalammualaikum and hello,

Yeah I'm back, but not about football. It is all about the translation.

You and I : The Story

Back to the night I met you,
Since that I've been missing you,
And I cannot erase you away,
Because you're already a potrait in my head.

It is like the bird singing,
Im in joy as you're mine,
And I never want to have any seperation,
My life in joy and never thought about sorrow.

But then, I never thought those clouds will come,
Come and make my life turns dark,
Because I never satisfied feeling the happiness,
And now all I feel is coldness.

Time flies and now you're successful,
Hard luck as now I'm not your mind anymore,
And I never thought this will happened,
But chin up! This is just a test.

When I'm alone, someone come to me,
Giving her all to me,
And now I have move on,
But now you are back in the scene.

My answer is never back to you,
Because I will never hurt my girl,
Just forget what we have through,
And make it not more than just a story.

Thank you Alleycats and Khafi!

See ya!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scottish Football : Premiership Split System & Promotion Play-Off

Assalammualaikum everyone!

So from last entry I have told about what and how Scotland run its football season that quite little bit different than most of the leagues in Europe. But over the seasons, Premiership Split System and Promotion Play-Off still presence a problems to everyone.

In this entry we will talk on how this two mechanism can be apply in our Liga with some adjustment.

1.0 Premiership Split System

This system is to avoid all 12 teams in Scottish top flight to play 44 games per season as they need to play 4 rounds. To make it 38 games same as other leagues, they will split 12 teams into 2 group which called as Championship group (Top 6) and Relegation Group (Bottom 6). Every time when the split come, everyone in Scotland will raise their voices to show their disagreement about this system. This is because the possibility of playing an unbalanced home and away matches against certain opposition. Back to pre-season when SPFL made an odd for each 12 team of where they will finish after 33 games, if any teams finished in a place in a place that not in the prediction they will face the possibility to play 3 home matches and 1 away match against some opponents and vice versa. For example, if Dundee United were predicted to finish 5th but the finish 7th after 33 games; the match between them and St. Johnstone who finished 8th which is in SPFL's  prediction so the matches between them will be unbalanced. It will not favor the United as they will play unbalance home and away games, their traveling cost will be risen if they need to play more away matches and of course the feeling, playing at home and away from your ground is different though..

2.0 Promotion Play-Off

In Scotland, 4 teams will participate the play-off in order to get one place to higher division. 3 teams from lower division (2nd-4th) and one team from higher division the finished 11th in a league. This play-offs have 3 phase with first one is quarter final between 3rd placed team against the 4th in lower division. They will play against each other in two-legged games. The winner will advance to semi-final and meet the 2nd placed team and play the match with same rules. The winner of semi-final will advance to promotion play-off finals against the team 11th placed in higher division and they will play in the same rule. Many of the people in Scotland feel discomfort with this kind of rules because for them the play-off must be in one-off match and should be done at national stadium. Micheal Gannon from Daily Record have said that " What the heck were they thinking in making the first leg the Thursday before the final and the second just 24 hours later?“ This is because the final for promotion play-off is during the Thursday, Scottish Cup final on Sunday and second leg of play-off is on Monday. This is because in past 10 years at least 3 of Championship teams were involved in promotion play-off final and Scottish Cup final in same time. They were Gretna (2006), Queen of The South (2008) and Ross County (2010). Gannon also questioned why they cannot have it on national stadium just like England done for so many years. He stated that the final might only between Watford and Burton Albion but the atmosphere is stunning. Finally the play-offs always overrun the players contract because most of the contract ends in end of May but the final always in June.

3.0 What if we use this both methods in our Liga?

For a short term. split system will benefit all teams as they will more matches and they can rotate the squad. But do not repeat the mistake by SPFL that the chart will not change after 33 games because it will effect the prize money. For the play-offs, the idea came when some of our fans wants to see 3 teams in Liga Perdana going up to Liga Super. So the play-offs will have 4 teams but no teams will get a "bye" but instead they will each other in mini league with round-robin format or all teams are qualify to semi finals and the play-offs starts there. That's my view, what say you?

4.0 Conclusion

Even their system not that perfect, but Scottish football system gives us an idea to make a better system as they offer us a quite good system for a small league. Thanks to all for read this, next stop we will jet to USA for a Major League Soccer. See ya!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Scottish Football : The Small-Big-League

assalammualaikum and hello everyone, now I'm back again for posting so of my creative writing since now I am enjoying my semester break. haha so this is some of the factual writing and I guess the longest post that I have ever write. so enjoy!

Talking about Scottish Football in Malaysia, majority of us only know about Celtic, Rangers and some of it only know about Heart of Midlothian (Hearts). Yeah, this is because The Old Firm clubs have dominated the Scottish football for many years and they also have a fans across the globe. But then, how football in Scotland be play? This entry will tell you why.

1.0 Why is it called as The Small-Big-League ?

This is just a thought from me, because in Scotland they have 42 teams that playing in Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) and they have 4 divisions in total. Why I'm saying like that? This is because in England, 42 teams only just from Premiership to Championship but here in Scotland 42 teams is from the Premiership until League 2. SPFL is a combination of Scottish Premier League (SPL) and Scottish Football League (SFL) that merge during 2013. Unlike England, SPFL covers all divisions in top tier of Scottish Football from Premiership until League 2, but in England the Premier League is handle by Premier League and Championship to League 2 is handle by Football League. Scottish Premiership consists 12 teams while for Championship until League they have only 10 teams.

2.0 How SPFL works?

The regular season in Scotland is from August until May the following year. sounds like the normal league in Europe right? But how can 10 to 12 teams manage to play in such a long time like that? did they have a long gap between matches? the answer is no. For the Championship until League 2, 10 teams will playing each other 10 times (9 games x 4 = 36 games). As for Premiership, the top flight using a 3+1 mechanism. That's mean all 12 teams must play each other 3 times (11 games x 3 = 33 games) as to make 38, they need to play another five matches using split system by split 12 teams into 2 group. For top 6 it will called as a Championship group while bottom 6 is called as a Relegation Group. Teams in each group will play each other based on who is their opponent in the same group. (33 games + 5 games in split group = 38 games)

3.0 Promotion , Relegation and Promotion Play-Off

As for this matter, no promotion for the champions of Premiership as it has been the top flight in Scottish football. For champions of each divisions from Championship until League 2 they will gain a direct promotion to higher division. For relegation, the last team in all divisions will play in lower division next season while the last team in League 2 will play in either Highland League or Lowland League based on their location in Scotland map. For promotion play-off, 2nd until 4th team in lower division will play with 11th place team in higher division.

* Premiership Split System and Promotion Play-Off have their own problems that always be debated by football fans in Scotland. It will be explain on next entry.

4.0 European Qualifications

For European qualifications, UEFA have given 4 places to Scotland clubs to play in UCL and UEL. But due to lack of point in UEFA Coefficients Point System, all places given by UEFA are only a qualification spot not automatic. Champions of Premiership will get a ticket to UCL qualification round. For 2nd and 3rd place team, they will get a ticket to UEL qualification round 1 as the one place left is for the Scottish Cup champions. The winner of Scottish Cup will get a qualification spot for UEL (round 2) . In 2014/15 season, Inverness Caledonian Thistle have the Scottish Cup and finished their league campaign on 3rd place, because they have 2 tickets to UEL qualification, 1 spot has been given to St. Johnstone who finished 4th in a league last season.

5.0 Other competitions during league season
Just other countries, Scotland also have the cup competition during league season. 3 cups will be contested by all teams, The Scottish League Cup, Scottish Cup and Petrofac Training Cup. For League Cup, only teams from SPFL will play in this tournament. They will play in knockout match every round and if the score is tied then extra time and shoot-out will be used. No replay for League Cup. For Scottish Cup, all teams from SPFL and Highland League and Lowland League will playing in this tournament. This time, it has a replay if score is tied and if the score still tied after replay then extra time and shoot-out will be applied if needed. For Petrofac Training Cup, only teams from Championship until League 2 will participate and it use same rules as League Cup.
6.0 Unique in Scottish Football
Unlike other countries, Scottish football did not have the opener of the season just like Supercopa De Espana in Spain and Community Shield in England. In Scotland they have a Flag Day. Flag Day is a day when the champions off all divisions will raise the flag indicating them as the league champions of last season. It will take place during first game of the season. The other thing is, the match ball used by the Premiership teams. The ball sponsor Mitre has done a great job by making a match ball with different stripes using a colour of every Premiership teams (Match ball sponsor in MSL should do this). For example, for Partick Thistle it will have yellow and red stripes on it as for Dundee United, it will have orange colour and black. You can the pics below : 
6.1 Flag Day
Credit : Google Images

6.2 Premiership teams match ball

7.0 : Conclusion

Scottish football might not as competitive as La Liga or Premier League but then it's still football and still fun to watch. Scottish football provides you with other excitement about football from the old fashioned stadiums to its atmosphere itself. It also gives the other choice for anybody about how football be play in other of the world. It is sure that so much thing I want to tell about Scottish football but I put it on hold for a while. Next entry we will talk about the Split System and Promotion Play-Off. Thank for reading.

See ya!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia 2015 Season Round-Up!

assalammualaikum and hello everybody!

okay, since my last post was stuck in MD 15, and now Liga is now over. So what can I do is a simple round-up for our league season. It might be a simple one but enjoy! :D

Bottom 4 : Kelantan / Sarawak / ATM / Sime Darby

It is a quiet season for a teams like Kelantan and ATM that supposed to be shine during regular season. But somehow they are struggling with Kelantan have a depth problem in midfield makes them cannot to hold a middle of pitch well. While ATM still a have problem to cope with a life after Marlon Alex James, they just cannot to perform well even they have a World Cup striker with them. Meanwhile, Sarawak just cannot to match with the high standard that have been set by their fans (because they are one of the greatest fans) with superb performance. Losing at home was a routine for them until Robert Alberts was sacked. For Sime Darby, the team was just not good enough to be competitive in a Liga, but Ismail Zakaria is a good coach and it is good for higher management of Sime Darby to not sack him. Good things needs time according to wise people.

Middle 4 : Felda United / PDRM / Lions XII / Perak

Felda somehow managed to match a standard as a team that will cause a problem to a top teams, a draw against Pahang and win against JDT in final day somehow gave a chance for both teams to create advantage for them but only JDT took the chance. PDRM at the early season was a title contender with a deadly strikers in their team but after some problem with Azman Adnan and Muslim Ahmad, they can only to be in a pot 2 of Piala Malaysia draw. As for Piala FA winners, this might be their last season in MSL so it can be a good way to end their era in our league, 2 silverwares in 3 season and now it's time to get out from our league! As for Perak, to get a better place than last season is a great achievement, for a team that produces great young talent it is good to see them in mid-table or maybe little bit higher than 8th place.

Top 4 : JDT / Pahang / Selangor / Terengganu

annndddd after long time chasing the Elephant, JDT finally won the league! Pahang need to blame themselves for the late slip just like Liverpool have durin 13/14 season of BPL. As for Selangor, they need to blame themselves too for keep on wasting points in each game and please settle the problem in a dressing room. And it is same for Terengganu, they have a good team but the lack with a consistency in the middle of the season. Above all, footballing standard that been shown by JDT and Pahang are way better by the way the consistent the play. By the way, congrats for the team in top 4!

Conclusion : this season provides a more exciting than 2014 does, in a way we approaching a private league era, this kind of competitive need to be in our league. Congratulations to JDT for being champions once again, to Pahang and Selangor congrata for make it to top 3. Good bye to ATM and Sime Darby and welcome to top tier Kedah and Penang. See you next season! #MSL2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 15 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone!

ahh, I need to punctual. Lately I have posted late due to some reasons. I am sorry for that. But better late than never right? so let's round it up!

Lions XII 2-1 Perak #LNSPRK

It is a good start for the visitor as they got a lead from Namkung Woong but Hafiz Sujad level just before break. And Lions got a winner by Safuwan Baharudin 7 minutes after second period just begun.

Sime Darby 0-2 Terengganu #SDATER

After Haji Man took his way away from the team, Terengganu somehow know how win a football match. This time they beat Sime Darby with convincing 2-0 away victory. Ashari Shamsuddin scores the first goal in first half before netted a winner 10 minutes from time.

PDRM 1-3 Kelantan #PDRMKEL

Kelantan got their revenge! after a humilating lost against PDRM in KB this time they beat them 3-1 in Shah Alam, Amutu and Mckain both on scoresheet during first half before Erwan Carrilo scores another goal for Kelantan and PDRM got their consolation goal 16 minutes before time.

Pahang 3-1 Sarawak #PAHSAR

League leaders just cannot be hold by anyone, Pahang won another match and this time against Sarawak. Zesh Rehman continues his scoring form with another goal during this match before Joseph Kalang scores a beauty during second period. But it cannot hold home team to score another, Dickson Nwakeame scores during 70th minute before Azammudin Akil scores another goal for them.

ATM 0-4 Felda United #ATMFEL

Indra Putra gets his hattrick!! He scored 3 past ATM goalkeeper during this match, but Felda didn't stop there as Zah Rahan also scores a winner for The Seattlers.

JDT 3-1 Selangor #JDTSEL

Selangor just getting worse from time to time. Meanwhile, JDT keep on their great record in Larkin. Amri Yahyah scored a first goal before he done a controversial celebration in front Selangor fans, Andik Vermansah scored a very fine freekick before Figuroa put JDT ahead again a minute after. And the Argentine scores a winning goal 11 minutes from time.

Verdict : as it stands, Pahang still top of the table with JDT tailing hot the Elephant. ATM and Sime Darby both still in dropzone.

okay that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 14 (quick) Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

ahhhh and again I am sorry for another late post, since we are in MD15 but there is one match that not be played yet so I think it is best time to some quick round-up.... again!

With 6 games played during that day. We are now can see who are still on course to win a league. Some of the teams are probably just out from the title bid, but some of them are not. Lions XII somehow showing them that they are a powerhouse in mid-table with a great win of 3-0 against Kelantan in Jalan Besar. That win led to a controversial quit of Azraai Khor as he stated there was a "invicible hand" that keep on distrubing his work and that's why he left Kelantan. A big match on that gameweek was Selangor and Pahang. With Selangor have a chance to put more pressure to top 2 teams, Pahang hold the nerve with a 3 goals in second half to replied a goal from Cornwhaite during first half. While in Larkin, JDT still unbeaten in their home ground even though they faced a tough challenge from PDRM, the scoreline was narrow with JDT win only by one goal different with a score 2-1. For Terengganu, it is a relief after didn't win any match in last 3 matches, with a goals galore in Kuala Terengganu sees Turtles beat Crocs with 4-2 victory. For Sarawak, it is 6 games in a row with a full points and something it is getting worse for Borneo side. In Selayang, Felda United and Sime Darby met up in Selayang showdown. And Sime Darby just don't know how to win with they just managed to only hold Felda with a 2-2 scoreline. And finally, another show time for Nurri! He scored another goal for his team in 2-1 victory over ATM in Ipoh. He is just too good.

Verdict : And now Pahang is now on driving seat for a league title, while JDT hotly tipped them and Selangor are now almost out from the race. There is no changes in bottom 3.

so that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 13 (quick) Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

First of all, I want to say sorry for late post as I have some personal problems that cannot make me to write this entry. With kick-off for gameweek 14 is fast approaching, I will make some quick round-up for last gameweek. Here we go!

With only 5 games during MD13, #MSL2015 sees the challenge for title is still running high. With Selangor won an easy contest against Terengganu 2-0 in Shah Alam. But Durakovic said his said should won with larger margin as his side wasting so many chances. In Selayang, Perak still on fire as they won 3-1 against Sime Darby. And guess what, Nurridzuan still can't get enough! Ismail Zakaria cannot hold his temper as during PC after match he said his players as a "bebal". In Kuching, Sarawak suffered another defeat, this time to Felda United. Indra Putra and co. just too strong for for the Crocs and because of that defeat Sarawak fans became furious with the result and they attacked the bus of Felda United. Meanwhile, PDRM got an extra tonic before encounter against JDT toninght with a win against Singaporean side, Lions XII. With just a narrow  win but enough Azman Adnan's side to grabbed 3 points. Finally, the match of the week sees Pahang met JDT in Kuantan. A very entertaining match between this two sides ended with a draw 1-1 with Amri and Dickson both on scoresheet. But Dickson almost grabbed a winner with a fantastic solo move but his shot saved by the post.

Verdict : Right now, Pahang , JDT and are in top 3 while Sime Darby still clueless without a win and ATM are hotly tailing Kelantan.

So that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 12 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So our #MSL2015 is now on second phase which only 11 games left for every teams to collect points and bid for a title. So with the 12th games been played, it is time to round it up!

Pahang 1-0 PDRM #PAHPDRM

So after a very huge amount of goals recorded during previous match, the tie that took place in Kuantan have a very different amount of goals. With both teams battling to find a goal, it is Pahang who came out on top with Azidan Sarudin header during injury time.

JDT 2-0 Terengganu #JDTTER

It is a quiet close game with both teams have a fairly a balance chance to score, but Terengganu have to do more on finishing as their wonderful build-up always been disappointed by the lack of finishing especially from Ashari Shamsuddin. Aidil Zafuan did score in late first half and Luciano Figuroa scores again past Sharbinee in last minutes of play.

Selangor 1-0 Felda United #SELFEL

Another encounter that have many goals in reverse fixture but then only single goal we saw this time. Robert Cornwhaite scores 6 minutes before break after a mess up in front of Felda's goal.


ATM tried to rise back after defeat in Jalan Besar but they still rise fully, The Cup champions have struck first by Hafiz Sujad before Abdelafess scored from spot kick to save ATM.

Sime Darby 1-1 Kelantan #SDAKEL

Kelantan is back after missing in action from last week, same goes with Sime Darby too. Their first match during Ramadhan looks pretty even but then Sime Darby take a lead from Da Costa during injury time of first half, but then Gilmar Da Silva scores during early second half.

Perak 3-1 Sarawak #PRKSAR

Perak the only side that scored highest goals tonight, with a brace from Chad Souza in the first period. Billy Mehmet pulled one back during second half but Namkung Woong scores during hour mark to kill off the game for Sarawak.

Verdict : As it stands, we have new leader with JDT topped the table but only lead by goal difference with Pahang and Selangor on 3rd with 3 points behind. Sime Darby still cannot find their first win with ATM still on dropzone, while Kelantan just one point away from relegation zone.

so I think that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 11 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!!

So, it has been a while since my last post in this blog because our beloved Liga was away for a month just because our crap schedule. But don't worry now, our Liga is now back, and now it is time to round it up again! Let's go!

Terengganu 0-1 JDT #TERJDT

A game that been played in empty stadium seems affected Turtles so bad. Without any support from their huge fan base and without their talisman Paulo Rangel, Terengganu cannot hold firm until final whistle as they fall late to defeat through Luciano Figeroa's goal in last phase of play.

PDRM 3-5 Pahang #PDRMJDT

A fiesta in Shah Alam as both teams scored 8 goals that split to 3 for home team and 5 for away team. Pahang did lead by 3 goals to nil during half time and 5-1 before PDRM score another 2. Matias Conti was on form with a hattrck while D. Saarvindran and Dickson Nwakaeme score one each. PDRM goals scored by Fauzi Majid and brace from Dramane Traore.


Before match, PFAM president Hairuddin Omar spoke to the media because of different playing time on Malaysia and Singapore. And his worried became reality as Hai-O and co. lost the match at Padang Besar with a goal from Safuwan Baharuddin, Shahdan Sulaiman and an own goal from Fazly Alias but he pulled one back for ATM.

Felda United 4-4 Selangor #FELSEL

Another great encounter with 8 goals that split equally for both sides with 2 red cards during a match as Hasni Zaidi and Junior both got sent off, Felda leads by 3 goals to 2 during halftime and score another one to make it 4-2. But Gurusamy and Hadi Yahya rescued Selangor from humilation.

Sarawak 1-1 Perak #SARPRK

A game that saw both teams share the spoils as they cannot find the winner, Sarawak still cannot find their superb form as they did not managed to win in their turf as for Perak a point was worth for them.

Verdict : As Kelantan will not playing during Ramadhan due to ground problem, Pahang still lead the chart with JDT and Selangor on 2nd and 3rd spot respectively, ATM and Sime Darby are still on a dropzone.

so, that's all for now. See ya! #MSL2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 10 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello footy fans!

So our #MSL2015 is now almost reaching the halfway mark, but still the drama is still there to make us feels uneasy. Well, that's MSL for you. Let's round it up!

Sime Darby 1-2 Lions XII #SDALNS

I don't know what to say about this team, they are still winless! It is all fine after Fahrul Razi scored, but when Firdaus Kasman levelled it's all turned disaster before the visitor claimed their winner.

Pahang 3-2 Terengganu #PAHTER

And yeah, another East Coast Derby for you! A thrilling match between this to sides sees Pahang once again claimed their as a King Of Comeback. Rangel's brace was not enough as Zesh Rahman also netted a brace before they claimed a late winner. And Pahang somehow a King of East as they won both against Kelantan and Terengganu.

Sarawak 3-2 Kelantan #SARKEL

Kelantan went to Kuching with a great form after beating Selangor, but Sarawak as usual with their fanatic fans won't let the visitor win. Ryan Griffith, Billy Mehmet and JKT are all on scoresheet. Where's the JKT selfie? I still couldn't find yet.


The clash between to forces of country supposed to be easy, I repeat supposed as PDRM in hot form against struggling ATM. But in football anything can happen, Afif Amirudin put The Cops in front but goal from Venice Delphi and double from Hai-O enough to kill off The Cops.

Selangor 1-2 Perak #SELPRK

A Central Derby between this two sides was never in good mood. A physical football between two sides finally ended up with a red card for Nurridzuan Hassan but before that, De Paula scored for Selangor before Namkung Woong slots a penalty and Nuri scores a beautiful free kick for a winner.

JDT 1-0 Felda United #JDTFEL

An only kick off on Sunday between this two great sides shows a very tough competition from both camp. They done everything possible to get a goal but JDT were lucky to have winner as Pato Rodriguez scored a penalty ensure the unbeaten home record continues.

Verdict : as it stands, PDRM still leading the chart with JDT leapfrog Selangor. ATM and Sime Darby are still on relegation zone with Kelantan are just a point away from drop zone. Table might have a changes as Pahang will play Perak on Tuesday.

That's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 9 Round-Up

assalammualaikum and hello footy fans!

so our beloved Liga is now reaching its way to midway point, and as usual lots of drama will take place during every match week. And this week, so many stories both on and off pitch. So let's round it up!

Perak 2-1 JDT #PRKJDT

The only match that played on Friday took place in Ipoh. JDT in their quest to hit the top spot of league started with a firing Perak's goal through Junior Eldstal. But 2 goals in two minutes kills off Harimau Selatan from Nurridzuan Hassan and Chad Souza were enough to grab 3 points for home team. But it is not ended there, post-match incident was a major talking point here as JDT fans have to wait inside the stadium to let Perak fans dismissed first, some of JDT fans claimed that they were thrown by a Perak fans with a iron and vice versa, but with a footage from a news shows that away fans kicking the adboard in the stadium and away fans have to ride a police truck to get home.

ATM 1-1 Sime Darby #ATMSDA

The battle between relegation candidates shows how hard for them to achieve three points. Jerry Palacios puts ATM in front in early stage but Nemanja Vidanovic scores just before half time to make sure the gap between two of these clubs are not really far.

Lions XII 1-0 Sarawak #LNSSAR

Robert Alberts for Sack! That's a slogan that I heard in few days after they lost to Lions XII, it seems that they cannot stand with the coach after very bad record lately. Latest, they lost to Singaporean side just by a goal from Khairul Nizam.

Kelantan 2-1 Selangor #KELSEL

A battle between two Reds ended with a win for Red Warriors, they started a match with goal from Gilmar Da Silva before Nazmi Faiz scores his first ever goal for his dream club with fantastic volley. During second half. temperature of the game suddenly running high as both players have some argument during Khairul Fahmi having a treatment. Norfarhan's goal separate this two sides 12 before time.

Felda United 0-1 Pahang #FELPAH

A quiet boring match in Selayang sees Pahang grab another 3 points to make sure the title race is still alive. A goal Dickson Nwakaeme was enough for The Elephant to bring home 3 points.

PDRM 3-1 Terengganu #PDRMTER

Terengganu is a real contender for league title this season but after they lost to Felda last week, they have been weaker than ever! They conceded 3 goals in first half against PDRM in Shah Alam, all goals are from Shahurain Abu Samah, Dramane Traore and Ali Ashfaq were enough to kill Terengganu's spirit, but they did managed to scored through Issey Nakajima.

Verdict : as it stands, we have new leader with PDRM in no.1 spot. Selangor 2nd with Felda still 3rd. ATM and Sime Darby both on relegation zone with Sarawak is under threat of getting into drop zone.

so that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 8 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So this week is full with joy and pain huh in our football? Some say that it was a good week for them, but some of them might feeling..ergh! Here it is round up for you!

JDT 3-1 Kelantan #JDTKEL

The biggest match of last MD goes to this match. Kelantan came to Larkin with losing streak of 3 match and no points. It seems a good start for them as their new boy scored in early 10 minutes but three goals from Harriss Harun, Alhaji Kamara and Amri Yahyah keep on Larkin as the fortress for JDT.

Terengganu 1-3 Felda United #TERFEL

Terengganu in very top form during they take on Felda, but everything was not on their way as Felda scored first through Edward Wilson before Rangel levelled for them. But Syamim Yahya scores again for visitor before Zah Rahan seal the win for newly-promoted Felda.

PDRM 3-1 Sime Darby #PDRMSDA

It was disaster for Sime Darby! Disaster! Why? Because Ashfaq Ali managed to scored a brace both of it came from silly mistakes by goalkeeper, Sime Darby got their goal via penalty but Mahmadou Sumareh scored to give The Cops another 3 points.

Sarawak 1-1 ATM

Sarawak welcome ATM in Kuching on their way to find their second win. Ryan Griffiths managed to scored for The Crocs but 4 minutes after that they conceded penalty which brings an equaliser for them via Palacios. Sarawak and ATM have to satisfied with only one point for them.

Selangor 4-0 Lions XII

Stunning, magnifcent, flawless. That's what can I say for this match. A hattrick in only just 10 minutes during first 15 minutes from local boy, Afiq Azmi gives joy for home fans before De Paula scores a winner in second half. Fandi Ahmad said it was disaster for his team.

Verdict : with Pahang-Perak match is postponed, as it stands Selangor still a league leaders in front Felda, JDT and PDRM. While ATM and Sime Darby both still in relegation zone.

So that's all for now, Piala FA Malaysia will take place during mid-week. See ya! #MSL2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 7 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So our Liga is back for MD7 and the drama is still flowing in high tempo. So let's round it up!


Battle between this 2 clubs ends with a stalemate with Gary Steven Robbart makes his debut for defending champions. This game is a quiet dissapointment for them as they dropped 2 two points against spirited team from Singapore.

Sarawak 2-1 Sime Darby #SARSDA

Sarawak is back! The Crocs back with a win after bad run. Even though Sarawak played with ten men after Ramesh Lai being sent off on 40th minutes, they still managed to won a match with Billy Mehmet netted a winner 20 minutes from time.

Kelantan 0-2 Pahang #KELPAH

Another derby night for Kelantan but this time not as fierce as their rivalary with Terengganu. Pahang's wonderkid Matt Davies also makes his debut. Goal from Damion Stewart and Dickson Nwakeame from each half is enough to give Pahang a 3 points.

Perak 2-3 Terengganu #PRKTER

A non-stop action in Ipoh resulting Terengganu as a winner. Goal from Namkung Woong puts  Perak in front before goal from set-piece for Terengganu came, Chad Souza puts them in front again before Ismail Faruqi scores. Terengganu find the winner in brink of full time but then Perak have chance to levelled in injury time but penalty from Chad Souza saved by Sharbinee.

ATM 1-3 Selangor #ATMSEL

first game for ATM since Norshahrul depature to Terengganu seems bring a bad luck for them. Afiq Azmi has been a top performer with two goals and one from Leandro Dos Santos from a spotkick. ATM's goal is from Mario Karlovic.

Felda United 3-2 PDRM #FELPDRM

Top of the table clash between two clubs ended with a winner for a team who is a homer. Game played under rainy night sees both key man for each teams scored.

Verdict : after 7 games, Selangor is a new leader whilst Sime Darby and ATM are both in relegation zone.

So that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 6 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

nah, it is been long time since my last entry. And yeah, finally our Liga is back after a long 2 weeks without club football. So here is the round-up!

PDRM 1-0 Sarawak #PDRMSAR

The only game that played on Friday as PDRM and Selangor playing at same ground on a same match day (they both sharing SSA) . The game was clearly in PDRM's favor as Dramane Traoure once again scored the only goal for the match from a close range. This result clearly devastated Sarawak fans as they want Robert Alberts to step down as a coach.

Felda United 1-4 Perak #FELPRK

Stunning here at Selayang! With a rumours almost 30 buses came from Perak just to support their team. Perak have a lead from Namkung Wong and Chad Souza bang with a hattrick to sends the traveling fans wild. Regret to say that I cannot found the scorer for Felda.


The defending champions strongly hold on their impressive record at home. This time, ATM is their victim. Even though ATM have a lead from Jerry Palacios but then Amri Yahyah equalised for home side before Safiq Rahim scored a winner in second half from a pass of Pato Rodriguez, that is his first assist for JDT. Well don though

Selangor 3-2 Sime Darby #SELSDA

Sime Darby came to Shah Alam to find their first three points but they still searching it after they lost to Selangor. It was a cagey first half as both teams hold out a 0-0 scoreline before Andik Vermansah scored and Hazwan Bakri makes it 2-0. Nemaja Miladovic make it 2-1 for away team before Robert Cornwhaite scores, this time he scored for a right team! But Sime Darby teased the home side with a late goal but Selangor managed to hold on.

Terengganu 2-1 Kelantan #TERKEL

Derby night! The match of match day is truly amazing. But to reach the amazing standard, both teams need to face a bored period which is first half. A slow and boring first half shown by both teams before Ismail Faruqi life up the match with a stunner! But Badhri Radzi sends away crowd in cheers as he scored from a long-range to beat Sharbinee, but the happiness was not with Kelantan because just after Piya's goal, Terengganu scores a winner from Shamrin 3 minutes after equaliser. That's enough to make derby night in East Coast belongs to Terengganu.

Pahang 3-2 Lions XII #PAHLNS

Pahang finally find their winning rhythm by beating the Singaporean side, but the away team scores first from Faris Ramli effort before Matias Conti scores an equaliser and in the second half Gopinathan puts Pahang in front before Azidan Sarudin added more for The Elephant.But then Khairul Nizam scored but it is not enough to catch Pahang.

Verdict : As it stands, PDRM is a new leader with 12 points while at least 4 teams sharing same amount of points (11) with Perak and Selangor both on second and thrid place.

So that's it for this week match day. Any comments you can write it on comment section below. See ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 5 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So, our beloved #MSL2015 MD5 just already finished with some of..... shocking results! Some of it might we already predict but some of it we will never think that it will happen. So let's round it up!


First shocking moments of this week is this match. The tragedy of 13 minutes in Ipoh was in PDRM's favour. Azman Adnan's side that desperately want to bounce back unfortunately trailed by Perak's talisman, Nurridzuan Hassan two minutes after second period. But the tragedy happened in just ten minutes for Bos Gaurus, Traoure's penalty two minutes after Nuri's goal, before Ezrie Shaffize added for PDRM, and Traore once again scored to end Perak unbeaten streak.

Kelantan 0-1 Felda United #KELFEL

George Boateng's side really fired up because Red Warriors just launched their new jerseys. It is all going on track with this East Coast side that we can say "quite struggling" in league campaign managed to hold a league leaders goalless in first period. But just after the clock passed the 60th minute mark, Edward Junior Wilson scored the only goal of this match in 61st minute.

Lions XII 1-1 Terengganu #LNSTER

Late kick-off at Jalan Besar as Lion City facing a heavy rain before game time. But still, this match stole the limelight, why? Because Vincent Bikana scored the fastest goal for this week on 9th minute. After hold a lead for a long time, finally the home side scored from Faris Ramli 10 minutes after second half.

ATM 1-0 Pahang #ATMPAH

Another shocking moment in this week matches! The defending champions of Piala Malaysia and Piala FA Malaysia somehow still struggling to shine in league this season. With their captain, Razman Roslan was not in this week squad as he still need to solve his personal problem, Pahang looks paralyze on their defence department. And they need to pay a huge price for the as Abdelafess scored the only goal, 19 minutes before time.

Selangor 2-0 Sarawak #SELSAR

Selangor claimed their second win with a hard-fought win as they facing the side that have a best fans in Malaysia. Afiq Azmi scored a second fastest goal this week, just a minute after Bikana's goal in Jalan Besar (10th minute). Ryan Griffiths managed to leveled but that goal was not counted by the official as official claimed Griffiths has done a foul when he was about to scored. Second half, De Paula as usual did not use the chances wisely as he keep on missing th target. But Fittri Shazwan step forward to round the keeper to scored a simple finishing goal to secure another 3 points for Red Giants

Sime Darby 1-1 JDT #SDAJDT

The last shocking moment is in this match. The rock bottom team managed to stole a point against the most expensive squad in Malaysia. Nazrul Kamarulzaman gives a lead on 35th minute before Junior Eldstal bangged with a goal after an hour of gameplay.

Verdict : after a shocking match day, Felda still in top of the table with PDRM and Selangor respectively in second and third place. Sime Darby managed to got a point with ATM in 11th spot and Pahang still in drop zone threat.

So that's all this week, our footballing calendar will continue with Piala FA Malaysia and two weeks off for international break. See ya! #MSL2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Final Exam Predictor.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, only few days before I'll be facing my finals. After 14 weeks of studies, we are almost reach the finish line.

I will only taking 3 papers (sounds easy huh?) But if no attention given, it will make my chance to score not so good. After checked my coursework marks, yeah thank God that my marks are quiet good but in a few papers I need to work hard, luckily both papers have finals so I can push it on finals.

To be conclude, this semester shows me that we need friends to keep on moving. We cannot be a lone-ranger all time because on what reason God make this world have 7 billions people but we are not connecting? And this semester it taught me to be more professional, does not matter if you are my friend or not, if you doing it wrong I need to correct you, but if we are outside the class, we can be friends like usual, teasing each other.

On this chance, I would like to say sorry to all my lecturers for my bad behaviour especially for always late to class. To all my classmates, to my rental housemates and to all. Hope all of us will get a fantastic result. If God wills it.

See ya!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Mtachday 4 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Sorry for late again, but now our #MSL2015 is getting hotter and hotter! Why? because MD4 have some incidents that... some of it are funny while some if might controversial. Let's round it up!

Perak 0-0 Kelantan

This tie took it place on same day as Liga Perdana due some reasons. But current top of the table clash seems show how they are. This two teams in form played a quality football especially from east coast side, but both sides cannot to score a goal and it was a stalemate at Perak's capital.

Terengganu 2-2 ATM

Finally! ATM managed to grabbed a point thanks to a draw in KT. Paulo Rangel scored a brace with a penalty and great finish, but ATM manage to equalise two times and somehow this result unpleased Haji Man Dagu as he stated that his team did not have a proper facility to have training.

Pahang 2-0 Sime Darby

Pahang finally managed to won a game thanks to their home win to a relegation "contender", Sime Darby. The City's side seems clueless against The Elephant after Zesh Rahman scored just before half-time. Gopinathan also scored to make sure Ismail Zakaria's side still at the bottom of table.

PDRM 1-4 Selangor

Shocking! Even me as a Selangor fan also shocked with the scoreline. I thought it will be a tough fight but Hazwan Bakri's strike puts Selangor ahead before Afiq Azmi put Selangor further in front 5 minutes after second half, Traore managed to pull one back but Hadi Yahya done a what a "fresh leg" have to done with scoring just after 30 seconds comes in, and what makes the night even better? De Paula finally scored a league goal! A left foot strike outside the box clearly send the crowd to a super crazy! Funny incident happened when the official dropped his yellow card and Hadi went to take it and showed to him. hahah!

JDT 2-1 Sarawak

A controversial match, again at Larkin sees the referee performance put into a question mark. Billy Mehmet puts The Crocs in front but late first-half double strike from Safiq Rahim enough to defending champions to see off the visiting side. But the scoreline was not the main talking point, it was the referee! The official seems did not done his job well and red card for Sarawak player make players especially Ryan Griffiths and Billy Mehmet going mad. Griffiths instantly shows a money sign to the ref as he claimed that referee was be paid by the home side.

Felda United 0-0 Lions XII

Not many talking point for this match as both sides contesting for 3 points with a positive manner, keep on attack to score but in the end, they just can't to find the net.

Verdict : As for now, Felda United is current leaders followed by Perak and Kelantan. Sime Darby and ATM stiil on relegation zone with ATM grabbed their first point while Pahang just above the drop zone.

So that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

My other passion : Unintended

Assalammualaikum and hello world!

Okay, let's turn away from what I always talk with all of you. My life is not just about footballing matter only. I have some other passion towards other thing such as music and literature. So... I wanna talk about music!

I do like some songs, some of it because the lyrics and some of it because the music arrangement. This time I want to talk about a romantic single from world's famous band, Muse. Unintended.

Yeah it might be lame, because this song was already out long time ago. But this song always be my favorite. Music arrangement for this song is perfect, the way Matt Bellamy sings this song is magnificent. And the lyric, as the one who loves poetic things it is flawless. The chorus enough to describe how sturggle that person to come back to his reality as he get stuck on his past, looking for something that he had lost. Actually, that part is relate to me a before this I have a problem to move away from my past but now I manage to do that.

This song never fail to make me sleep, and if I put myself in a song, I will cry a bit. Hahaha sentimental guy..

Okay, that's it for now. See ya!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harimau Malaya vs Harimau Malaysia

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, I think this will be just a simple. Why? Just to answer one simple question. About our NT's nickname. Harimau Malaya or Harimau Malaysia?

Okay guys, this is my view. Our friends from Borneo claim that if we still using nickname of Harimau Malaya, it is just like we don't count their support for our national team. Chill my buddies from Borneo, yeah somehow that Harimau Malaya name is a sensitive name for all of you. But let's think again, all national teams around the world have their own nickname and  the nickname is completely diferrent with the country's name itself. As for France NT, they use Le Blues (The Blues) as their nickname and England they use The Three Lions. Sometimes, the nickname is describing the trademark of that country. For instance, Australian NT nickname is called  'Socceroos'. Why Socceroos? Because that 'Roos' is describing cangaroo that well-known with the country. Same with you rival, Singapore. They use 'The Lions' as their nickname because of their country name itself that includes word of Singa that means lion. So for us, to be called as Harimau Malaya is supposed not to be an issue. Nickname use to be a different thing with original name, in addition Malayan tiger is a species that do exist in this nature while Malaysian tiger not. Don't be like Indonesian fans that use Garuda, something that not exist. We need to be realistic. No offence Indo fans, I still do love Bepe and Andik. Cheers!

So for our friends from Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan don't worry about your support. We are still counting your support for our NT. We are still united as a one that never stop supporting our Tigers. See ya!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It shines, but not really bright.

Assalammualaikum and hello people

Okay it is time to come back and writing something again, well we all know that our Piala FA second round now is over. But I will not talk about it, I will talk only for #MSL2015 just like RTM and TV3 did, only take live telecast for league matches and not for a cup.....??

Okay, today I will talk about how good our league has done now. So far, league is good. The players, gameplay, goals are good but not for referees, and........ live telecast!

Now, why this entry entitled "it shines, but not really bright?" It is because the shine of this league on can be feel if you going to the stadium but not if you just watch it live on TV. Why?

Since MP & Silva got the TV rights, Astro has lost it and Media Prima and RTM are the broadcaster of our league. For a people who don't have Astro like me, it is advantage for me but it is not for those who are have Astro. Media Prima seems not ready to be our league broadcaster because only after matchday 3, they held an audition to find a new commentator for them. I hope that at least 10 people will get hire because Media Prima have 4 channels under it and they can exploit all of it to make at least 4 live games from them.... who knows?

And for RTM, they still on the same par since before. The quality of visual was teribble, the commentators seem don't want to do their job because they make the viewer sleepy. I hope they will improve.

For me, the solution are simple. If Media Prima can broascast 4 matches live every week via TV3, TV9, 8TV and NTV7, it will be a good one because RTM will broadcast one and in total there will be 5 live matches of 6 games per week. It is important for a teams to get money from TV rights nowadays. And let Astro to telecast the match that not play in normal matchday just like Kelantan-LionsXII's match that been played on Sunday. And for cup, if Media Prima and RTM cannot to broadcast, just let Astro make a live. You never know that in early round we can have a big match like Pahang-JDT tie right? Who knows.

So, that's it for know. More issues I will talk about it soon. See ya!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 3 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello footy fans!

So yes, our #MSL2015 MD3 has already past and I should write this entry last Sunday but due to some problems I have to postponed it. But still, better late than never right? So let's round it up!

Selangor 1-1 JDT

The main match for MD3 as some of them called it as Selangor vs Ex-Selangor (because many of Ex-Selangor players play for JDT now). I went to Shah Alam to watch it live and it's somehow really valueable. Andik netted and early and most probably the fastest goal in MSL history by 35 seconds. After that, JDT putted a high pressure and harsh play by both sides. There should be a red card for some challenges but referee never done that. Finally, after many times attacking JDT got their goal by Figuroa. But I must say this game was a terrible one due to bad decisions by official and no fair play display by both sides.

Sarawak 0-0 Pahang

Pahang travel to Borneo to seek their first ever win in league tie. But they looked at the wrong place. At the stadium where extraordinary passioned fans come and support their team. This game really fair for both parties to shared the spoil as both of them kept on attack to find the goal but somehow they didn't managed to done that.

Perak 2-2 Lions XII

The league leader played with the side from Singapore to extend their unbeaten run and surely to extend their lead on top of the table. Yes, they did managed to hold their great record by not losing the match but they dropped the point. Everything was on away side at the first place because they have a lead by Khairul Amri before Chad Souza leveled. Namkung Woong scored to gave the home side a precious lead by defensive error by the defender cost them with Firdaus Kasman equaliser. It's all even at Ipoh at that night.

Felda United 2-1 ATM

The Gladiators lost again! This time with current league leader, Felda United. Felda have a double in 8 minutes from Edward Wilson and Syamim Yahya, but Norshahrul Idlan scored his first goal for ATM in 34 minutes. There are lot homework for Sathianathan to work on.

Terengganu 2-1 Sime Darby

Terengganu back on track! with Paulo Rangel's brace! He scored a goal in injury time of first half, after that Nemanja Vidanovic scored to equalise for away side in second half, before Rangel again scored a winner for home side 15 minutes from time. He now has 3 goals in 3 games.

Kelantan 0-4 PDRM

This game should be a cracking match as both sides were in top form but somehow it went wrong way. The Cops have a lead from Ali Ashfaq's injury time strike. Traoure scored in early second half before Ashfaq scored again and finally Sumareh scored to seal the win, five minutes from time. Kelantan's lost easily invited Annuar Musa angry, he obviously express in feeling his Facebook page by claiming Red Warriors lost the spirit after conceded second goal.

Verdict : after #MSL2015 MD3, Felda United is a new league leader leapfrog over Perak who is now second and PDRM is in third. ATM and Sime Darby are both in relegation zone and Pahang in relegation threat.

So that's it for #MSL2015 MD3 round-up, league will postponed as Piala FA takes place this weekend. Good luck for all teams! See ya!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 2 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So how's your day? are you fine? are you sick?
Are you sad or happy?
no matter how you feel, say Alhamdulillah okay :D

Now, how's your team perform this week?
Are they lose? Are they just even steven with the opponent?
Or your defender scored an own goal?

nahhh, don't worry. Matchday 2 is now over, let's round it up!

This is #MSL2015 MD2 round-up everybody! Let's go!

Pahang 1-1 Selangor

A really entertaining game I must say, what can I say is it's a roller-coaster ride for fans because a lot of drama till the end. Pahang had a few chances but somehow they just can't to score, Nwakaeme, Conti and others done it all right but sometimes the defence of Selangor just too hard to handle. Norazlan was terrific but in '60 minutes, Conti managed to scored with a quality finish. Selangor from the first half till the end have a chances but chemistry between Nazmi, De Paula and Andik just not there, De Paula somehow can't read a pass from both small player, but Andik managed to scored Selangor's first goal in the campaign with a left-foot finish in the second half. The game was quite intense and Hafiz Kamal was sent off in last minute of game. So the spoil is enough for them.

Sime Darby 0-3 Felda United

A beauty and the beast, Felda have a strong start during MD1 while Sime Darby not. The away side that we all know have a very deadly attacking force and that's happened yesterday! The home side conceded from Syamim Yahya's header before Makeche scored the second. And our national captain, Shukor Adan, scored the third to secure a win for away team.

ATM 0-2 Perak

2 games in home, two defeat! That's describing how struggle Sathianathan's side right now. Perak with a young and wild squad just can't stop to winning and scoring!. The captain, Nasir Basharuddin scored a wonderful strike from a loose ball on corner-kick set piece. His right foot makes a wonderful volley to beat Syed Adney. Surely a goal of the week winner. Second goal is from Nurridzuan Hassan... again! this time from a free kick. The youngster scored with his left foot to slot the ball to a top corner and beat Adney again and left him furious. Perak in dreamland!


A Premier League and Super League champions battled it out for 3 points in Shah Alam. JDT who just back from a defeat in Bangkok tried to bounce back. Somehow they get a chances to score but they just can't to be that defender and the keeper. But Mahmadou Sumareh done a great footwork to past defenders and scored a wonderful strike in '70 minutes to make the Charity Shield winner back to Larkin with sorrow.

Sarawak 3-1 Terengganu

What a game! The Crocs somehow wants to make The Turtles their victim after a draw against Felda United. They scored an early goal from Billy Mehmet Ashri Chuchu before Paulo Rangel scored an easy tap-in goal for visitors. But a volley from Joseph Kalang seals the win in the first half and there was no turning back for visitors! Great win for Crocs!

Kelantan 2-0 Lions XII

A single game during Sunday night as they postponed for what happened to our country currently. But Kelantan shows a real quality game to beat the Singaporean outfit. McKain's bullet header from a corner kick sends crowd to a wild. But a free kick from Badri Radhzi was even better. The captain scored in the position where the goal keeper stands. He shoots the ball to that position and left the keeper freeze on his position. Another great win for East-Coasters.

Verdict : after Kelantan-Lions XII game, Kelantan move to top of the table above Perak and Felda United in the top 3. Pahang and Selangor managed to get their first point but Red Giant is one place about relegation zone. While ATM and Sime Darby are in 11 and 12 place respectively without scoring any goal.

So that's all for MD2. Feel free to leave a comments below. See ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 1 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello everybody!

It is about a weeks I did not update my blog and now I am back! 

So, our football season is now underway, Liga Super has just finished its first matchday and not many shocks as favorite teams many of them are won the match. So, let's round it up!

JDT 2-0 Pahang (Sumbangsih/Charity Shield)

Our footballing calender started with Piala Sumbangsih or Charity Shield, one thing that I disagree with this cup tie is this match also consider as a league match. So if one team win the match they will win ultimate prize, the cup and 3 points. So what is the meaning they play one week earlier than other matches? They should follow English Community Shield or SuperCopa Espana of Spain. That's better.

So for the match, it was clear that JDT was ready for that match. The fitness, endurance and everything was good while. Figeroa's goal was magnificent, Antonio's too. Clearly, JDT is the biggest contender for league title.

Lions XII 5-3 PDRM

Goals galore in Jalan Besar! Lions XII, a team that all around Malaysia hate them and none of us give an attention to them this season have scored 5 past a giant-killer last season. They've scored 5, but Dramane Traore scored 3 to reduce the gap but still can't to hold Lions to win their first game. But Traore managed to got first hattrick of the season. Congrats!

ATM 0-2 Kelantan

One period, these two teams were beast. But now, they are now are not really beast but still entertaining to watch. Took place at STAR of Paroi, Kelatan managed to scored from a great free kick from ex-Perak man, Noor Hazrul Mustafa. Knuckle ball master blasted the ball into the net past Syed Adney before Carillo the import scored in second half. Great win for East Coasters.

Terengganu 2-0 Selangor

Oh God, I hate to write this. My favorite team just lost the league opener, luckily it was an away game though. Selangor should won this match but they failed to make all the chances count. They've got a goal from Hazwan but it was ruled offside. After wasting so many chances, Ismail Faruqi scored an absolute wonderful volley in the box even me was stunned. Second half, Selangor have more few chances but they still cannot scored. Until Gustavo's free kick kills the game and seals the win for East Coast side. Hard luck Merah Kuning!

Perak 2-0 Sime Darby

The relegation survivor last season has started their campaign with style! The Northerns especially Perak and Kedah are well known as the producer of young talents. One of the youngster, Nurridzuan Hassan has scored for Bos Gaurus and ex-Kedah star Namkung Woong also scored his new team. Great star for Perak, can they stay as a team that never relegated in Malaysian football history? We will see.

Felda United 3-3 Sarawak

Newly-promoted Felda United seems like struggling after trailing from Billy Mehmet's strike, but the managed to turn around the result with lead the match with scoreline 2-1 and before Sarawak levelled. But Edward Wilson puts The Seattlers in front in last five minutes before Sharol Saperi grabs his brace with last-minute strike to ensure both of the teams shared the spoils.

Verdict : The opening night provides no shock but only for Terengganu-Selangor 's match. As it stands, Lions XII is the leader, followed by JDT and Kelanta for top 3. Pahang, Selangor and Sime Darby are all at the drop zone.

okay, see ya next time! #MSL2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear John.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So I'm back, to write again as my uni life getting tougher from time to time. And because of that, it makes me want to have some figurative moment. Based on true event by the way.

Dear John.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
It seems that you are not the one I used to know,
From first day I met you,
On the day I was thought you were older than me.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
You are completely different,
Just like a Windows 98 and Windows 8.1,
Completely different,
And the worst thing is,
You become worse than before.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
Where is your jokes that always made my day,
Where is your helping hands when we need you?
Why did you slowly fade away?
Fade away from us.
Are you thinking that we are not value anything to your life?
Or you have someone or maybe more than one?
People that can make your life more happier than we've done?

Dear John,
Your words kill us,
Your rough tone tearing us apart,
You may win in the battle against us,
But you never gain our respect anymore,
Your words seems tell that we are useless,
But you never think that we are your friends,
And slowly God will show you the power of friends,
When your need us the most.

But John,
Let us apologize,
If we were done something,
That makes your world turn to a dark,
That makes your life turn into no meaning anymore,
Do forgive us John.

Dear John,
We miss the old you,
Please come back home.

That's all for now, thank you.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So much 'Rare' with this post.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So now we are in 2015 and absolutely this is the first entry of the new year (happy new year guys!) So let's hope and pray that this year is far better than 2014 with His willingness.

So on this entry, I would not to have all this kind of literature and write a poem on this entry but I will back to basic, back to time when I was first time write in this blog. I will talk on something, a current things.

So, what's up with current issues? Flood? Airplane missing? Political view? Me is getting more pimples? Okay let's start with flood. For me, this kind of tragedy happen with two signs. First is because Allah send a message to us for not doing all kind of bad things to mother nature. Just look on the landslides, illegal logging and so on. We (especially those capitalism cunts) are just don't care with the implication for betraying the mandate of take a good care of this nature for our next generation. Second is the huge warning again from Allah for us to turn back to His way. Just look to ourselves, from tax payers like us until leaders, all of us have done the mistakes. It is unfair to say that all tragedy happen because of the leaders fault only, so to say like 'flood happen because our PM take a bribe' is not really appropriate. They might done some bad things like taking a bribe or use their power for their own agenda. But look at us, are we did not done anything wrong before this? Look at majority of us especially those Malays that being more western than a West. Most of us including me are now slowly leaving the islamic way of life. So maybe from this tragedy we can reset our mind back that we have Him that always watching us?

Okay done with flood now moving to airplanne crash. We all know that AirAsia's plane founded crashed on its way from Surabaya to Singapore? Yeah. But the main point is, 2014 is a year that too harsh for our airline industry. Both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia be a victims for this. Too harsh for them but I am sure they will rise back, because 'to fly higher, we need to fall deeper.'

Next is yes! Football. (Haha!!) So our beloved Harimau Malaya was a runner-up for AFF Suzuki Cup after lose to Thailand with aggregate score. Too hard to too handle the sorrow after that particular Thailand no.7 that caught many attention of Malay girls (oh God why..) because his handsomeness scored a second goal for his nation and sealed the silverware for his country. But from my point of view, be a runner-up for a team who did not get so many support from its fans and handled by a new coach and he only have a month to shape up his squad is totally outstanding performance! But, I always hear or see comment like this, 'they will praise only when winning, and unnerve them when losing.' Dear people, we critic when they losing just because we love them, and there must be some of them encourage them. And absolutely we praising them if they are winning, is it you will punch them on their face if they win against Germany?' Well that will not happen on this kind of situation.

Okay lastly is, is that Romantic and Jiwang are two different entity? It is hard for a someone like me who have kind of ability to express his feeling into a writing (thank God) and most of time he will write about someone he loves. Yeah when you make a poem for someone you love especially in a Malay, you put some beautiful word with a beautiful phrase to make sure the reader feels your passion and after all that they call you 'jiwang'. What the...

Okay for more simple example, people will say a Malay love songs will consider as a 'jiwang' and English and Korean love songs as a romantic one. I know it becasue I listen to Malay songs more than English one. And I was like... hey! This is unfair, just because your mother tongue is Malay and you know more about the beauty of that language, you can't simply say that is a jiwang. Maybe you are not really good in English literature so you cannot identify which English songs is romantic or 'jiwang'. So after a long time of thinking (well not that really long) I decide to conclude that romantic word is to describe the 'jiwang' in English and vice versa. Fair enough? Yeahh.

So I guess that's all for now. There are many topics to be discuss but I think I will discuss on next entry as I make this entry on my smartphone. ( typing on smartphone and laptop has a different feeling. No offence to my phone hehe)

Feel free to comment on the section below, I'm ready for some debate haha!!

See ya!

p/s : 2015 - first year in 2 edition, dear self please be more mature.