Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 2 Round-Up

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Now, how's your team perform this week?
Are they lose? Are they just even steven with the opponent?
Or your defender scored an own goal?

nahhh, don't worry. Matchday 2 is now over, let's round it up!

This is #MSL2015 MD2 round-up everybody! Let's go!

Pahang 1-1 Selangor

A really entertaining game I must say, what can I say is it's a roller-coaster ride for fans because a lot of drama till the end. Pahang had a few chances but somehow they just can't to score, Nwakaeme, Conti and others done it all right but sometimes the defence of Selangor just too hard to handle. Norazlan was terrific but in '60 minutes, Conti managed to scored with a quality finish. Selangor from the first half till the end have a chances but chemistry between Nazmi, De Paula and Andik just not there, De Paula somehow can't read a pass from both small player, but Andik managed to scored Selangor's first goal in the campaign with a left-foot finish in the second half. The game was quite intense and Hafiz Kamal was sent off in last minute of game. So the spoil is enough for them.

Sime Darby 0-3 Felda United

A beauty and the beast, Felda have a strong start during MD1 while Sime Darby not. The away side that we all know have a very deadly attacking force and that's happened yesterday! The home side conceded from Syamim Yahya's header before Makeche scored the second. And our national captain, Shukor Adan, scored the third to secure a win for away team.

ATM 0-2 Perak

2 games in home, two defeat! That's describing how struggle Sathianathan's side right now. Perak with a young and wild squad just can't stop to winning and scoring!. The captain, Nasir Basharuddin scored a wonderful strike from a loose ball on corner-kick set piece. His right foot makes a wonderful volley to beat Syed Adney. Surely a goal of the week winner. Second goal is from Nurridzuan Hassan... again! this time from a free kick. The youngster scored with his left foot to slot the ball to a top corner and beat Adney again and left him furious. Perak in dreamland!


A Premier League and Super League champions battled it out for 3 points in Shah Alam. JDT who just back from a defeat in Bangkok tried to bounce back. Somehow they get a chances to score but they just can't to be that defender and the keeper. But Mahmadou Sumareh done a great footwork to past defenders and scored a wonderful strike in '70 minutes to make the Charity Shield winner back to Larkin with sorrow.

Sarawak 3-1 Terengganu

What a game! The Crocs somehow wants to make The Turtles their victim after a draw against Felda United. They scored an early goal from Billy Mehmet Ashri Chuchu before Paulo Rangel scored an easy tap-in goal for visitors. But a volley from Joseph Kalang seals the win in the first half and there was no turning back for visitors! Great win for Crocs!

Kelantan 2-0 Lions XII

A single game during Sunday night as they postponed for what happened to our country currently. But Kelantan shows a real quality game to beat the Singaporean outfit. McKain's bullet header from a corner kick sends crowd to a wild. But a free kick from Badri Radhzi was even better. The captain scored in the position where the goal keeper stands. He shoots the ball to that position and left the keeper freeze on his position. Another great win for East-Coasters.

Verdict : after Kelantan-Lions XII game, Kelantan move to top of the table above Perak and Felda United in the top 3. Pahang and Selangor managed to get their first point but Red Giant is one place about relegation zone. While ATM and Sime Darby are in 11 and 12 place respectively without scoring any goal.

So that's all for MD2. Feel free to leave a comments below. See ya! #MSL2015

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