Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear John.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So I'm back, to write again as my uni life getting tougher from time to time. And because of that, it makes me want to have some figurative moment. Based on true event by the way.

Dear John.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
It seems that you are not the one I used to know,
From first day I met you,
On the day I was thought you were older than me.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
You are completely different,
Just like a Windows 98 and Windows 8.1,
Completely different,
And the worst thing is,
You become worse than before.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
Where is your jokes that always made my day,
Where is your helping hands when we need you?
Why did you slowly fade away?
Fade away from us.
Are you thinking that we are not value anything to your life?
Or you have someone or maybe more than one?
People that can make your life more happier than we've done?

Dear John,
Your words kill us,
Your rough tone tearing us apart,
You may win in the battle against us,
But you never gain our respect anymore,
Your words seems tell that we are useless,
But you never think that we are your friends,
And slowly God will show you the power of friends,
When your need us the most.

But John,
Let us apologize,
If we were done something,
That makes your world turn to a dark,
That makes your life turn into no meaning anymore,
Do forgive us John.

Dear John,
We miss the old you,
Please come back home.

That's all for now, thank you.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So much 'Rare' with this post.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So now we are in 2015 and absolutely this is the first entry of the new year (happy new year guys!) So let's hope and pray that this year is far better than 2014 with His willingness.

So on this entry, I would not to have all this kind of literature and write a poem on this entry but I will back to basic, back to time when I was first time write in this blog. I will talk on something, a current things.

So, what's up with current issues? Flood? Airplane missing? Political view? Me is getting more pimples? Okay let's start with flood. For me, this kind of tragedy happen with two signs. First is because Allah send a message to us for not doing all kind of bad things to mother nature. Just look on the landslides, illegal logging and so on. We (especially those capitalism cunts) are just don't care with the implication for betraying the mandate of take a good care of this nature for our next generation. Second is the huge warning again from Allah for us to turn back to His way. Just look to ourselves, from tax payers like us until leaders, all of us have done the mistakes. It is unfair to say that all tragedy happen because of the leaders fault only, so to say like 'flood happen because our PM take a bribe' is not really appropriate. They might done some bad things like taking a bribe or use their power for their own agenda. But look at us, are we did not done anything wrong before this? Look at majority of us especially those Malays that being more western than a West. Most of us including me are now slowly leaving the islamic way of life. So maybe from this tragedy we can reset our mind back that we have Him that always watching us?

Okay done with flood now moving to airplanne crash. We all know that AirAsia's plane founded crashed on its way from Surabaya to Singapore? Yeah. But the main point is, 2014 is a year that too harsh for our airline industry. Both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia be a victims for this. Too harsh for them but I am sure they will rise back, because 'to fly higher, we need to fall deeper.'

Next is yes! Football. (Haha!!) So our beloved Harimau Malaya was a runner-up for AFF Suzuki Cup after lose to Thailand with aggregate score. Too hard to too handle the sorrow after that particular Thailand no.7 that caught many attention of Malay girls (oh God why..) because his handsomeness scored a second goal for his nation and sealed the silverware for his country. But from my point of view, be a runner-up for a team who did not get so many support from its fans and handled by a new coach and he only have a month to shape up his squad is totally outstanding performance! But, I always hear or see comment like this, 'they will praise only when winning, and unnerve them when losing.' Dear people, we critic when they losing just because we love them, and there must be some of them encourage them. And absolutely we praising them if they are winning, is it you will punch them on their face if they win against Germany?' Well that will not happen on this kind of situation.

Okay lastly is, is that Romantic and Jiwang are two different entity? It is hard for a someone like me who have kind of ability to express his feeling into a writing (thank God) and most of time he will write about someone he loves. Yeah when you make a poem for someone you love especially in a Malay, you put some beautiful word with a beautiful phrase to make sure the reader feels your passion and after all that they call you 'jiwang'. What the...

Okay for more simple example, people will say a Malay love songs will consider as a 'jiwang' and English and Korean love songs as a romantic one. I know it becasue I listen to Malay songs more than English one. And I was like... hey! This is unfair, just because your mother tongue is Malay and you know more about the beauty of that language, you can't simply say that is a jiwang. Maybe you are not really good in English literature so you cannot identify which English songs is romantic or 'jiwang'. So after a long time of thinking (well not that really long) I decide to conclude that romantic word is to describe the 'jiwang' in English and vice versa. Fair enough? Yeahh.

So I guess that's all for now. There are many topics to be discuss but I think I will discuss on next entry as I make this entry on my smartphone. ( typing on smartphone and laptop has a different feeling. No offence to my phone hehe)

Feel free to comment on the section below, I'm ready for some debate haha!!

See ya!

p/s : 2015 - first year in 2 edition, dear self please be more mature.