Saturday, March 14, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 5 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So, our beloved #MSL2015 MD5 just already finished with some of..... shocking results! Some of it might we already predict but some of it we will never think that it will happen. So let's round it up!


First shocking moments of this week is this match. The tragedy of 13 minutes in Ipoh was in PDRM's favour. Azman Adnan's side that desperately want to bounce back unfortunately trailed by Perak's talisman, Nurridzuan Hassan two minutes after second period. But the tragedy happened in just ten minutes for Bos Gaurus, Traoure's penalty two minutes after Nuri's goal, before Ezrie Shaffize added for PDRM, and Traore once again scored to end Perak unbeaten streak.

Kelantan 0-1 Felda United #KELFEL

George Boateng's side really fired up because Red Warriors just launched their new jerseys. It is all going on track with this East Coast side that we can say "quite struggling" in league campaign managed to hold a league leaders goalless in first period. But just after the clock passed the 60th minute mark, Edward Junior Wilson scored the only goal of this match in 61st minute.

Lions XII 1-1 Terengganu #LNSTER

Late kick-off at Jalan Besar as Lion City facing a heavy rain before game time. But still, this match stole the limelight, why? Because Vincent Bikana scored the fastest goal for this week on 9th minute. After hold a lead for a long time, finally the home side scored from Faris Ramli 10 minutes after second half.

ATM 1-0 Pahang #ATMPAH

Another shocking moment in this week matches! The defending champions of Piala Malaysia and Piala FA Malaysia somehow still struggling to shine in league this season. With their captain, Razman Roslan was not in this week squad as he still need to solve his personal problem, Pahang looks paralyze on their defence department. And they need to pay a huge price for the as Abdelafess scored the only goal, 19 minutes before time.

Selangor 2-0 Sarawak #SELSAR

Selangor claimed their second win with a hard-fought win as they facing the side that have a best fans in Malaysia. Afiq Azmi scored a second fastest goal this week, just a minute after Bikana's goal in Jalan Besar (10th minute). Ryan Griffiths managed to leveled but that goal was not counted by the official as official claimed Griffiths has done a foul when he was about to scored. Second half, De Paula as usual did not use the chances wisely as he keep on missing th target. But Fittri Shazwan step forward to round the keeper to scored a simple finishing goal to secure another 3 points for Red Giants

Sime Darby 1-1 JDT #SDAJDT

The last shocking moment is in this match. The rock bottom team managed to stole a point against the most expensive squad in Malaysia. Nazrul Kamarulzaman gives a lead on 35th minute before Junior Eldstal bangged with a goal after an hour of gameplay.

Verdict : after a shocking match day, Felda still in top of the table with PDRM and Selangor respectively in second and third place. Sime Darby managed to got a point with ATM in 11th spot and Pahang still in drop zone threat.

So that's all this week, our footballing calendar will continue with Piala FA Malaysia and two weeks off for international break. See ya! #MSL2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Final Exam Predictor.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, only few days before I'll be facing my finals. After 14 weeks of studies, we are almost reach the finish line.

I will only taking 3 papers (sounds easy huh?) But if no attention given, it will make my chance to score not so good. After checked my coursework marks, yeah thank God that my marks are quiet good but in a few papers I need to work hard, luckily both papers have finals so I can push it on finals.

To be conclude, this semester shows me that we need friends to keep on moving. We cannot be a lone-ranger all time because on what reason God make this world have 7 billions people but we are not connecting? And this semester it taught me to be more professional, does not matter if you are my friend or not, if you doing it wrong I need to correct you, but if we are outside the class, we can be friends like usual, teasing each other.

On this chance, I would like to say sorry to all my lecturers for my bad behaviour especially for always late to class. To all my classmates, to my rental housemates and to all. Hope all of us will get a fantastic result. If God wills it.

See ya!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Mtachday 4 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Sorry for late again, but now our #MSL2015 is getting hotter and hotter! Why? because MD4 have some incidents that... some of it are funny while some if might controversial. Let's round it up!

Perak 0-0 Kelantan

This tie took it place on same day as Liga Perdana due some reasons. But current top of the table clash seems show how they are. This two teams in form played a quality football especially from east coast side, but both sides cannot to score a goal and it was a stalemate at Perak's capital.

Terengganu 2-2 ATM

Finally! ATM managed to grabbed a point thanks to a draw in KT. Paulo Rangel scored a brace with a penalty and great finish, but ATM manage to equalise two times and somehow this result unpleased Haji Man Dagu as he stated that his team did not have a proper facility to have training.

Pahang 2-0 Sime Darby

Pahang finally managed to won a game thanks to their home win to a relegation "contender", Sime Darby. The City's side seems clueless against The Elephant after Zesh Rahman scored just before half-time. Gopinathan also scored to make sure Ismail Zakaria's side still at the bottom of table.

PDRM 1-4 Selangor

Shocking! Even me as a Selangor fan also shocked with the scoreline. I thought it will be a tough fight but Hazwan Bakri's strike puts Selangor ahead before Afiq Azmi put Selangor further in front 5 minutes after second half, Traore managed to pull one back but Hadi Yahya done a what a "fresh leg" have to done with scoring just after 30 seconds comes in, and what makes the night even better? De Paula finally scored a league goal! A left foot strike outside the box clearly send the crowd to a super crazy! Funny incident happened when the official dropped his yellow card and Hadi went to take it and showed to him. hahah!

JDT 2-1 Sarawak

A controversial match, again at Larkin sees the referee performance put into a question mark. Billy Mehmet puts The Crocs in front but late first-half double strike from Safiq Rahim enough to defending champions to see off the visiting side. But the scoreline was not the main talking point, it was the referee! The official seems did not done his job well and red card for Sarawak player make players especially Ryan Griffiths and Billy Mehmet going mad. Griffiths instantly shows a money sign to the ref as he claimed that referee was be paid by the home side.

Felda United 0-0 Lions XII

Not many talking point for this match as both sides contesting for 3 points with a positive manner, keep on attack to score but in the end, they just can't to find the net.

Verdict : As for now, Felda United is current leaders followed by Perak and Kelantan. Sime Darby and ATM stiil on relegation zone with ATM grabbed their first point while Pahang just above the drop zone.

So that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

My other passion : Unintended

Assalammualaikum and hello world!

Okay, let's turn away from what I always talk with all of you. My life is not just about footballing matter only. I have some other passion towards other thing such as music and literature. So... I wanna talk about music!

I do like some songs, some of it because the lyrics and some of it because the music arrangement. This time I want to talk about a romantic single from world's famous band, Muse. Unintended.

Yeah it might be lame, because this song was already out long time ago. But this song always be my favorite. Music arrangement for this song is perfect, the way Matt Bellamy sings this song is magnificent. And the lyric, as the one who loves poetic things it is flawless. The chorus enough to describe how sturggle that person to come back to his reality as he get stuck on his past, looking for something that he had lost. Actually, that part is relate to me a before this I have a problem to move away from my past but now I manage to do that.

This song never fail to make me sleep, and if I put myself in a song, I will cry a bit. Hahaha sentimental guy..

Okay, that's it for now. See ya!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harimau Malaya vs Harimau Malaysia

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, I think this will be just a simple. Why? Just to answer one simple question. About our NT's nickname. Harimau Malaya or Harimau Malaysia?

Okay guys, this is my view. Our friends from Borneo claim that if we still using nickname of Harimau Malaya, it is just like we don't count their support for our national team. Chill my buddies from Borneo, yeah somehow that Harimau Malaya name is a sensitive name for all of you. But let's think again, all national teams around the world have their own nickname and  the nickname is completely diferrent with the country's name itself. As for France NT, they use Le Blues (The Blues) as their nickname and England they use The Three Lions. Sometimes, the nickname is describing the trademark of that country. For instance, Australian NT nickname is called  'Socceroos'. Why Socceroos? Because that 'Roos' is describing cangaroo that well-known with the country. Same with you rival, Singapore. They use 'The Lions' as their nickname because of their country name itself that includes word of Singa that means lion. So for us, to be called as Harimau Malaya is supposed not to be an issue. Nickname use to be a different thing with original name, in addition Malayan tiger is a species that do exist in this nature while Malaysian tiger not. Don't be like Indonesian fans that use Garuda, something that not exist. We need to be realistic. No offence Indo fans, I still do love Bepe and Andik. Cheers!

So for our friends from Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan don't worry about your support. We are still counting your support for our NT. We are still united as a one that never stop supporting our Tigers. See ya!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It shines, but not really bright.

Assalammualaikum and hello people

Okay it is time to come back and writing something again, well we all know that our Piala FA second round now is over. But I will not talk about it, I will talk only for #MSL2015 just like RTM and TV3 did, only take live telecast for league matches and not for a cup.....??

Okay, today I will talk about how good our league has done now. So far, league is good. The players, gameplay, goals are good but not for referees, and........ live telecast!

Now, why this entry entitled "it shines, but not really bright?" It is because the shine of this league on can be feel if you going to the stadium but not if you just watch it live on TV. Why?

Since MP & Silva got the TV rights, Astro has lost it and Media Prima and RTM are the broadcaster of our league. For a people who don't have Astro like me, it is advantage for me but it is not for those who are have Astro. Media Prima seems not ready to be our league broadcaster because only after matchday 3, they held an audition to find a new commentator for them. I hope that at least 10 people will get hire because Media Prima have 4 channels under it and they can exploit all of it to make at least 4 live games from them.... who knows?

And for RTM, they still on the same par since before. The quality of visual was teribble, the commentators seem don't want to do their job because they make the viewer sleepy. I hope they will improve.

For me, the solution are simple. If Media Prima can broascast 4 matches live every week via TV3, TV9, 8TV and NTV7, it will be a good one because RTM will broadcast one and in total there will be 5 live matches of 6 games per week. It is important for a teams to get money from TV rights nowadays. And let Astro to telecast the match that not play in normal matchday just like Kelantan-LionsXII's match that been played on Sunday. And for cup, if Media Prima and RTM cannot to broadcast, just let Astro make a live. You never know that in early round we can have a big match like Pahang-JDT tie right? Who knows.

So, that's it for know. More issues I will talk about it soon. See ya!