Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It shines, but not really bright.

Assalammualaikum and hello people

Okay it is time to come back and writing something again, well we all know that our Piala FA second round now is over. But I will not talk about it, I will talk only for #MSL2015 just like RTM and TV3 did, only take live telecast for league matches and not for a cup.....??

Okay, today I will talk about how good our league has done now. So far, league is good. The players, gameplay, goals are good but not for referees, and........ live telecast!

Now, why this entry entitled "it shines, but not really bright?" It is because the shine of this league on can be feel if you going to the stadium but not if you just watch it live on TV. Why?

Since MP & Silva got the TV rights, Astro has lost it and Media Prima and RTM are the broadcaster of our league. For a people who don't have Astro like me, it is advantage for me but it is not for those who are have Astro. Media Prima seems not ready to be our league broadcaster because only after matchday 3, they held an audition to find a new commentator for them. I hope that at least 10 people will get hire because Media Prima have 4 channels under it and they can exploit all of it to make at least 4 live games from them.... who knows?

And for RTM, they still on the same par since before. The quality of visual was teribble, the commentators seem don't want to do their job because they make the viewer sleepy. I hope they will improve.

For me, the solution are simple. If Media Prima can broascast 4 matches live every week via TV3, TV9, 8TV and NTV7, it will be a good one because RTM will broadcast one and in total there will be 5 live matches of 6 games per week. It is important for a teams to get money from TV rights nowadays. And let Astro to telecast the match that not play in normal matchday just like Kelantan-LionsXII's match that been played on Sunday. And for cup, if Media Prima and RTM cannot to broadcast, just let Astro make a live. You never know that in early round we can have a big match like Pahang-JDT tie right? Who knows.

So, that's it for know. More issues I will talk about it soon. See ya!

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