Saturday, April 25, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 9 Round-Up

assalammualaikum and hello footy fans!

so our beloved Liga is now reaching its way to midway point, and as usual lots of drama will take place during every match week. And this week, so many stories both on and off pitch. So let's round it up!

Perak 2-1 JDT #PRKJDT

The only match that played on Friday took place in Ipoh. JDT in their quest to hit the top spot of league started with a firing Perak's goal through Junior Eldstal. But 2 goals in two minutes kills off Harimau Selatan from Nurridzuan Hassan and Chad Souza were enough to grab 3 points for home team. But it is not ended there, post-match incident was a major talking point here as JDT fans have to wait inside the stadium to let Perak fans dismissed first, some of JDT fans claimed that they were thrown by a Perak fans with a iron and vice versa, but with a footage from a news shows that away fans kicking the adboard in the stadium and away fans have to ride a police truck to get home.

ATM 1-1 Sime Darby #ATMSDA

The battle between relegation candidates shows how hard for them to achieve three points. Jerry Palacios puts ATM in front in early stage but Nemanja Vidanovic scores just before half time to make sure the gap between two of these clubs are not really far.

Lions XII 1-0 Sarawak #LNSSAR

Robert Alberts for Sack! That's a slogan that I heard in few days after they lost to Lions XII, it seems that they cannot stand with the coach after very bad record lately. Latest, they lost to Singaporean side just by a goal from Khairul Nizam.

Kelantan 2-1 Selangor #KELSEL

A battle between two Reds ended with a win for Red Warriors, they started a match with goal from Gilmar Da Silva before Nazmi Faiz scores his first ever goal for his dream club with fantastic volley. During second half. temperature of the game suddenly running high as both players have some argument during Khairul Fahmi having a treatment. Norfarhan's goal separate this two sides 12 before time.

Felda United 0-1 Pahang #FELPAH

A quiet boring match in Selayang sees Pahang grab another 3 points to make sure the title race is still alive. A goal Dickson Nwakaeme was enough for The Elephant to bring home 3 points.

PDRM 3-1 Terengganu #PDRMTER

Terengganu is a real contender for league title this season but after they lost to Felda last week, they have been weaker than ever! They conceded 3 goals in first half against PDRM in Shah Alam, all goals are from Shahurain Abu Samah, Dramane Traore and Ali Ashfaq were enough to kill Terengganu's spirit, but they did managed to scored through Issey Nakajima.

Verdict : as it stands, we have new leader with PDRM in no.1 spot. Selangor 2nd with Felda still 3rd. ATM and Sime Darby both on relegation zone with Sarawak is under threat of getting into drop zone.

so that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 8 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So this week is full with joy and pain huh in our football? Some say that it was a good week for them, but some of them might feeling..ergh! Here it is round up for you!

JDT 3-1 Kelantan #JDTKEL

The biggest match of last MD goes to this match. Kelantan came to Larkin with losing streak of 3 match and no points. It seems a good start for them as their new boy scored in early 10 minutes but three goals from Harriss Harun, Alhaji Kamara and Amri Yahyah keep on Larkin as the fortress for JDT.

Terengganu 1-3 Felda United #TERFEL

Terengganu in very top form during they take on Felda, but everything was not on their way as Felda scored first through Edward Wilson before Rangel levelled for them. But Syamim Yahya scores again for visitor before Zah Rahan seal the win for newly-promoted Felda.

PDRM 3-1 Sime Darby #PDRMSDA

It was disaster for Sime Darby! Disaster! Why? Because Ashfaq Ali managed to scored a brace both of it came from silly mistakes by goalkeeper, Sime Darby got their goal via penalty but Mahmadou Sumareh scored to give The Cops another 3 points.

Sarawak 1-1 ATM

Sarawak welcome ATM in Kuching on their way to find their second win. Ryan Griffiths managed to scored for The Crocs but 4 minutes after that they conceded penalty which brings an equaliser for them via Palacios. Sarawak and ATM have to satisfied with only one point for them.

Selangor 4-0 Lions XII

Stunning, magnifcent, flawless. That's what can I say for this match. A hattrick in only just 10 minutes during first 15 minutes from local boy, Afiq Azmi gives joy for home fans before De Paula scores a winner in second half. Fandi Ahmad said it was disaster for his team.

Verdict : with Pahang-Perak match is postponed, as it stands Selangor still a league leaders in front Felda, JDT and PDRM. While ATM and Sime Darby both still in relegation zone.

So that's all for now, Piala FA Malaysia will take place during mid-week. See ya! #MSL2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 7 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So our Liga is back for MD7 and the drama is still flowing in high tempo. So let's round it up!


Battle between this 2 clubs ends with a stalemate with Gary Steven Robbart makes his debut for defending champions. This game is a quiet dissapointment for them as they dropped 2 two points against spirited team from Singapore.

Sarawak 2-1 Sime Darby #SARSDA

Sarawak is back! The Crocs back with a win after bad run. Even though Sarawak played with ten men after Ramesh Lai being sent off on 40th minutes, they still managed to won a match with Billy Mehmet netted a winner 20 minutes from time.

Kelantan 0-2 Pahang #KELPAH

Another derby night for Kelantan but this time not as fierce as their rivalary with Terengganu. Pahang's wonderkid Matt Davies also makes his debut. Goal from Damion Stewart and Dickson Nwakeame from each half is enough to give Pahang a 3 points.

Perak 2-3 Terengganu #PRKTER

A non-stop action in Ipoh resulting Terengganu as a winner. Goal from Namkung Woong puts  Perak in front before goal from set-piece for Terengganu came, Chad Souza puts them in front again before Ismail Faruqi scores. Terengganu find the winner in brink of full time but then Perak have chance to levelled in injury time but penalty from Chad Souza saved by Sharbinee.

ATM 1-3 Selangor #ATMSEL

first game for ATM since Norshahrul depature to Terengganu seems bring a bad luck for them. Afiq Azmi has been a top performer with two goals and one from Leandro Dos Santos from a spotkick. ATM's goal is from Mario Karlovic.

Felda United 3-2 PDRM #FELPDRM

Top of the table clash between two clubs ended with a winner for a team who is a homer. Game played under rainy night sees both key man for each teams scored.

Verdict : after 7 games, Selangor is a new leader whilst Sime Darby and ATM are both in relegation zone.

So that's all for now, see ya! #MSL2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 6 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

nah, it is been long time since my last entry. And yeah, finally our Liga is back after a long 2 weeks without club football. So here is the round-up!

PDRM 1-0 Sarawak #PDRMSAR

The only game that played on Friday as PDRM and Selangor playing at same ground on a same match day (they both sharing SSA) . The game was clearly in PDRM's favor as Dramane Traoure once again scored the only goal for the match from a close range. This result clearly devastated Sarawak fans as they want Robert Alberts to step down as a coach.

Felda United 1-4 Perak #FELPRK

Stunning here at Selayang! With a rumours almost 30 buses came from Perak just to support their team. Perak have a lead from Namkung Wong and Chad Souza bang with a hattrick to sends the traveling fans wild. Regret to say that I cannot found the scorer for Felda.


The defending champions strongly hold on their impressive record at home. This time, ATM is their victim. Even though ATM have a lead from Jerry Palacios but then Amri Yahyah equalised for home side before Safiq Rahim scored a winner in second half from a pass of Pato Rodriguez, that is his first assist for JDT. Well don though

Selangor 3-2 Sime Darby #SELSDA

Sime Darby came to Shah Alam to find their first three points but they still searching it after they lost to Selangor. It was a cagey first half as both teams hold out a 0-0 scoreline before Andik Vermansah scored and Hazwan Bakri makes it 2-0. Nemaja Miladovic make it 2-1 for away team before Robert Cornwhaite scores, this time he scored for a right team! But Sime Darby teased the home side with a late goal but Selangor managed to hold on.

Terengganu 2-1 Kelantan #TERKEL

Derby night! The match of match day is truly amazing. But to reach the amazing standard, both teams need to face a bored period which is first half. A slow and boring first half shown by both teams before Ismail Faruqi life up the match with a stunner! But Badhri Radzi sends away crowd in cheers as he scored from a long-range to beat Sharbinee, but the happiness was not with Kelantan because just after Piya's goal, Terengganu scores a winner from Shamrin 3 minutes after equaliser. That's enough to make derby night in East Coast belongs to Terengganu.

Pahang 3-2 Lions XII #PAHLNS

Pahang finally find their winning rhythm by beating the Singaporean side, but the away team scores first from Faris Ramli effort before Matias Conti scores an equaliser and in the second half Gopinathan puts Pahang in front before Azidan Sarudin added more for The Elephant.But then Khairul Nizam scored but it is not enough to catch Pahang.

Verdict : As it stands, PDRM is a new leader with 12 points while at least 4 teams sharing same amount of points (11) with Perak and Selangor both on second and thrid place.

So that's it for this week match day. Any comments you can write it on comment section below. See ya! #MSL2015