Saturday, March 14, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia Matchday 5 Round-Up

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So, our beloved #MSL2015 MD5 just already finished with some of..... shocking results! Some of it might we already predict but some of it we will never think that it will happen. So let's round it up!


First shocking moments of this week is this match. The tragedy of 13 minutes in Ipoh was in PDRM's favour. Azman Adnan's side that desperately want to bounce back unfortunately trailed by Perak's talisman, Nurridzuan Hassan two minutes after second period. But the tragedy happened in just ten minutes for Bos Gaurus, Traoure's penalty two minutes after Nuri's goal, before Ezrie Shaffize added for PDRM, and Traore once again scored to end Perak unbeaten streak.

Kelantan 0-1 Felda United #KELFEL

George Boateng's side really fired up because Red Warriors just launched their new jerseys. It is all going on track with this East Coast side that we can say "quite struggling" in league campaign managed to hold a league leaders goalless in first period. But just after the clock passed the 60th minute mark, Edward Junior Wilson scored the only goal of this match in 61st minute.

Lions XII 1-1 Terengganu #LNSTER

Late kick-off at Jalan Besar as Lion City facing a heavy rain before game time. But still, this match stole the limelight, why? Because Vincent Bikana scored the fastest goal for this week on 9th minute. After hold a lead for a long time, finally the home side scored from Faris Ramli 10 minutes after second half.

ATM 1-0 Pahang #ATMPAH

Another shocking moment in this week matches! The defending champions of Piala Malaysia and Piala FA Malaysia somehow still struggling to shine in league this season. With their captain, Razman Roslan was not in this week squad as he still need to solve his personal problem, Pahang looks paralyze on their defence department. And they need to pay a huge price for the as Abdelafess scored the only goal, 19 minutes before time.

Selangor 2-0 Sarawak #SELSAR

Selangor claimed their second win with a hard-fought win as they facing the side that have a best fans in Malaysia. Afiq Azmi scored a second fastest goal this week, just a minute after Bikana's goal in Jalan Besar (10th minute). Ryan Griffiths managed to leveled but that goal was not counted by the official as official claimed Griffiths has done a foul when he was about to scored. Second half, De Paula as usual did not use the chances wisely as he keep on missing th target. But Fittri Shazwan step forward to round the keeper to scored a simple finishing goal to secure another 3 points for Red Giants

Sime Darby 1-1 JDT #SDAJDT

The last shocking moment is in this match. The rock bottom team managed to stole a point against the most expensive squad in Malaysia. Nazrul Kamarulzaman gives a lead on 35th minute before Junior Eldstal bangged with a goal after an hour of gameplay.

Verdict : after a shocking match day, Felda still in top of the table with PDRM and Selangor respectively in second and third place. Sime Darby managed to got a point with ATM in 11th spot and Pahang still in drop zone threat.

So that's all this week, our footballing calendar will continue with Piala FA Malaysia and two weeks off for international break. See ya! #MSL2015

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