Saturday, September 22, 2012

MSL Ultimate Team #1 : Best Team 2012

assalammualaikum and hello to all of you! :D

probably,this is my first ever entry using 100% of english language,i hope my first try will be producing a grat,comments and thoughts from everbody are accept :D

today,i would like to talk about the MSL ( Malaysian Super League) or known as a Liga Super in Bahasa Melayu,i glad to say that i already build up my unique squad.i mix up all players from the team in MSL (only perform well) into the Ultimate Team.which is we can say it as a best eleven of the season.the reason why i make this because in malaysia,there is no best eleven of the year just like in europe.and the 'Ultimate Team' mode in FIFA series inspired me to do this.ok let's go!

using formation 4-42,here it is :

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat : Kelantan (GK)

this guy probably the best keeper in malaysia yet,alongside with farizal marlias.but his consistency and vision also reflexes make him one level up with farizal.nothing much to say about him,but right now struggling to hold his forst place in national team.he said that he not afraid with challenge that came from farizal and norazlan razali,but it's good for national sake.

Ashri Chuchu : Sarawak (RB)

not easy for a player from borneo's team to get in to this squad,despite both of them a relegated into the Liga Perdana next season.but Ashri shows to me that he can win the place.his performance was great in the league until ong kim swee called for a national duty with Harimau Muda.congrats man!

Ramez Dayoub : Selangor (CB)

this year,most of the team in MSL full their import player qouta with picking player in central defender.ramez dayoub is the one of the import that shine brightly in MSL this year,his calmness while another selangor defender's getting rubbish sometimes shows him he is a great defender.his goal against t-team also great.yeah!

Obinna Nwaneri : Kelantan (CB)

second player from kelantan.his arrival for red warrios give so much impact,the striker can't to beat him,his strength give kelantan's defence a boost power.his partner,s subramaniam also get cover by him because sometimes subra done so many silly mistake.good job blackman.

Riduwan Ma'on : Johor FC (LB)

a veteran player in MSL.his attacking-minded makes his team can hope something from him.he's attacking intelligence make opponent's defence getting screw off.i wonder why he can't play for HM?maybe DRG policy doesn't want veteran player to play in his team.

Baddrol Bakhtiar : Kedah (RM)

a captain marvel,great vision,shoot like bullet make him getting into this team.he a;ways show his effort to win the match but luck always not in his side.only scored once in MSL but scored a magnificent goal against Terengganu in his home ground.

Alfatah Safi : Kedah (CM)

until now,everbody doesn't know his real name wheter alfatah safi or safi alfatah,wahaha.but what i can say is he is the most relax midfielder in MSL.he doesn't have pace to run,but has a great vision to pass the ball greatly,but Lions XII fans hate him very well on what he have done at Jalan Besar.

Michal Kubala : Perak (CM) (Captain)

in this series,i used to central midfielder but kubala on attcking,safi on defensive.kubal is just a complete midfielder for me.his free kick always save perak in the nick of time.just like when he done during against sabah in the last wonder why he played for MSL choice against Indoenesian U-22.

Nurul Azwan Roya : Kelantan ( LM)

the scorer for kelantan in FA cup final last year.but this year is year of him,his pace make the defence pissed of wiht him,he scored many goals this year because of his it's time to him to play for national team.

Jean Emmanuel Effa Owona : Negeri Sembilan (CF)

"effa owona mengamuk lagi!".the pharse always said by the commentator when he scored.probably the tallest player in the league with height 1.9 metre.his body strengh,shot power and aggresion make him so powerful in of goal.his free kick so powerful,just can make the net getting broken.

Bosko Balaban : Selangor (CF)

selangor fans said he is the replacement for safee sali and the no 10 shirt.his finishing always great even selangor lose that time.but actually i doesn't like him so well because he's now 34,and quite many years he can contribute for red giants?2 or 3?i hope for longer time but his age limits that.

now absolutely everbosy ask,where is mat yo?forkey doe or piya?there is because another reason i didn't choose them.but in the next series,probaly they will in the squad.

so,here is the sub : and the reason i pick them (7 only)

-Norazlan Razali (Selangor) (mean keeper)
-Renato Agusto (Johor FC) (power house)
-Rizal Fahmi Rosid ( Kelantan) (a boommer)
-Badhri Radzi (Kelantan) (a general)
-Shahril Ishak (Lions XII) (goal poacher)
-Sharurain Abu Samah (Negeri Sembilan) (speedster)
-Francis Forkey Doe (Terengganu) (finisher)

so,that we have it,the Ultimate Team of MSL.this my first trial,don't get mad with me.hehe,just tell your comment and thought about the team and about my english.i wrote on english just wanted to test up my english,whteher on high level or just a regular one.

ok,see you next time,bye2 :D

video for today : aidil zafuan great free kick against taiwan - just a great memory to remembered.hehe ayuh Harimau Malaya!

p/s : norshahrul,safiq rahim not in the team because they not perform really well this's hard to pick the players.ghaddar also the missed one.