Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Past, why you just can't....

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

It seems that my classmates (all of them) have their own blog and my word... their blogs are more good looking than me?? For a guy already have a blog for almost 5 years it's quiet embarrassment for me (hahah!!) By the way, I did not take it seriously because if the content is good then people will not care with the design xD

Okay, enough with that. It is hard for me to run away from my past, basically my past is a bad one. Really bad one. But it keeps on haunted my world until today, oh God why just......

Dear Past, why just you can't.....

Time flies so fast,
But I'm still here in stuck,
Opps correction not my body,
My body is now busy chasing his dream,
But the mind and heart are still there,
At the place called 'Past'.

Oh no, me is still in danger,
Danger for the reason still can't get away,
Away from his history,
That makes who I am today,
A person that did not get a respect from people around him,
And because of that Nazreen is always in sorrow.

Let me tell you something,
Nowadays probably me is a better person,
Better than yesterday and maybe not,
I'm also have my family, friends and probably.... someone special?
And I'm happy with my life now,
A good life!

But why,
The Past come visit my mind everyday?
Seems that I cannot run away from what he have done before,
It is now is the time for me to get punishment from God?
If it's not then why that Past always come to me?
To torture me,
To make me dying,
To kill me slowly,
If me and you are not to meant together please just go away and come as a 'Past' anymore,
I just want me and you have a good life,
Without being together.

Dear Past, why just you can't.... be away?

See ya, thank you!

p/s : I am getting fat :p