Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear John.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

So I'm back, to write again as my uni life getting tougher from time to time. And because of that, it makes me want to have some figurative moment. Based on true event by the way.

Dear John.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
It seems that you are not the one I used to know,
From first day I met you,
On the day I was thought you were older than me.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
You are completely different,
Just like a Windows 98 and Windows 8.1,
Completely different,
And the worst thing is,
You become worse than before.

Dear John,
What happen to you?
Where is your jokes that always made my day,
Where is your helping hands when we need you?
Why did you slowly fade away?
Fade away from us.
Are you thinking that we are not value anything to your life?
Or you have someone or maybe more than one?
People that can make your life more happier than we've done?

Dear John,
Your words kill us,
Your rough tone tearing us apart,
You may win in the battle against us,
But you never gain our respect anymore,
Your words seems tell that we are useless,
But you never think that we are your friends,
And slowly God will show you the power of friends,
When your need us the most.

But John,
Let us apologize,
If we were done something,
That makes your world turn to a dark,
That makes your life turn into no meaning anymore,
Do forgive us John.

Dear John,
We miss the old you,
Please come back home.

That's all for now, thank you.

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terima kasih kerana sudi mengulas tulisan saya kali ini.jasamu dikenang.