Friday, March 13, 2015

Final Exam Predictor.

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, only few days before I'll be facing my finals. After 14 weeks of studies, we are almost reach the finish line.

I will only taking 3 papers (sounds easy huh?) But if no attention given, it will make my chance to score not so good. After checked my coursework marks, yeah thank God that my marks are quiet good but in a few papers I need to work hard, luckily both papers have finals so I can push it on finals.

To be conclude, this semester shows me that we need friends to keep on moving. We cannot be a lone-ranger all time because on what reason God make this world have 7 billions people but we are not connecting? And this semester it taught me to be more professional, does not matter if you are my friend or not, if you doing it wrong I need to correct you, but if we are outside the class, we can be friends like usual, teasing each other.

On this chance, I would like to say sorry to all my lecturers for my bad behaviour especially for always late to class. To all my classmates, to my rental housemates and to all. Hope all of us will get a fantastic result. If God wills it.

See ya!

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