Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2 Years.

Assalammualaikum and hello everybody!

It is quite akward right? I write in English. This is because my blog now is a graded blog mwa ha ha.. I dont want to talk about that much. Hehe

Okay, today is a remarkable day. So remarkable for my life. And what it is?

2 Years.

It is all started last night,
Where at that time I want to checked the date,
And suddenly it told me the date is 27,
27 of November,
On the spot my brain started to play a history movie.

27 November 2012,
A date that I will never forget,
A date when I was your man for a first time,
At that time I thought that only you can understand my complex self,
And to be honest I was the happiest guy in the world at that time.

Day by day,
Time by time,
Seasons keep on changing,
And suddenly you have changed,
Same goes with me too,
At that time we were not at the same line anymore,
You put the blamed on me,
And I put the blamed on you,
After a long and never ending war,
Our love story ends after 1 year and 7 months.

Today is 27 November 2014,
It is should be our second anniversary,
But what can we do? God have said that we cannot be together,
But if it say so that we will be back together,
We will be together no matter what.

Happy second (suppose) anniversary,
Thanks for the memories.