Friday, November 13, 2015

You and I : The Story

Assalammualaikum and hello,

Yeah I'm back, but not about football. It is all about the translation.

You and I : The Story

Back to the night I met you,
Since that I've been missing you,
And I cannot erase you away,
Because you're already a potrait in my head.

It is like the bird singing,
Im in joy as you're mine,
And I never want to have any seperation,
My life in joy and never thought about sorrow.

But then, I never thought those clouds will come,
Come and make my life turns dark,
Because I never satisfied feeling the happiness,
And now all I feel is coldness.

Time flies and now you're successful,
Hard luck as now I'm not your mind anymore,
And I never thought this will happened,
But chin up! This is just a test.

When I'm alone, someone come to me,
Giving her all to me,
And now I have move on,
But now you are back in the scene.

My answer is never back to you,
Because I will never hurt my girl,
Just forget what we have through,
And make it not more than just a story.

Thank you Alleycats and Khafi!

See ya!