Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harimau Malaya vs Harimau Malaysia

Assalammualaikum and hello people!

Okay, I think this will be just a simple. Why? Just to answer one simple question. About our NT's nickname. Harimau Malaya or Harimau Malaysia?

Okay guys, this is my view. Our friends from Borneo claim that if we still using nickname of Harimau Malaya, it is just like we don't count their support for our national team. Chill my buddies from Borneo, yeah somehow that Harimau Malaya name is a sensitive name for all of you. But let's think again, all national teams around the world have their own nickname and  the nickname is completely diferrent with the country's name itself. As for France NT, they use Le Blues (The Blues) as their nickname and England they use The Three Lions. Sometimes, the nickname is describing the trademark of that country. For instance, Australian NT nickname is called  'Socceroos'. Why Socceroos? Because that 'Roos' is describing cangaroo that well-known with the country. Same with you rival, Singapore. They use 'The Lions' as their nickname because of their country name itself that includes word of Singa that means lion. So for us, to be called as Harimau Malaya is supposed not to be an issue. Nickname use to be a different thing with original name, in addition Malayan tiger is a species that do exist in this nature while Malaysian tiger not. Don't be like Indonesian fans that use Garuda, something that not exist. We need to be realistic. No offence Indo fans, I still do love Bepe and Andik. Cheers!

So for our friends from Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan don't worry about your support. We are still counting your support for our NT. We are still united as a one that never stop supporting our Tigers. See ya!

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