Sunday, August 23, 2015

Liga Super Malaysia 2015 Season Round-Up!

assalammualaikum and hello everybody!

okay, since my last post was stuck in MD 15, and now Liga is now over. So what can I do is a simple round-up for our league season. It might be a simple one but enjoy! :D

Bottom 4 : Kelantan / Sarawak / ATM / Sime Darby

It is a quiet season for a teams like Kelantan and ATM that supposed to be shine during regular season. But somehow they are struggling with Kelantan have a depth problem in midfield makes them cannot to hold a middle of pitch well. While ATM still a have problem to cope with a life after Marlon Alex James, they just cannot to perform well even they have a World Cup striker with them. Meanwhile, Sarawak just cannot to match with the high standard that have been set by their fans (because they are one of the greatest fans) with superb performance. Losing at home was a routine for them until Robert Alberts was sacked. For Sime Darby, the team was just not good enough to be competitive in a Liga, but Ismail Zakaria is a good coach and it is good for higher management of Sime Darby to not sack him. Good things needs time according to wise people.

Middle 4 : Felda United / PDRM / Lions XII / Perak

Felda somehow managed to match a standard as a team that will cause a problem to a top teams, a draw against Pahang and win against JDT in final day somehow gave a chance for both teams to create advantage for them but only JDT took the chance. PDRM at the early season was a title contender with a deadly strikers in their team but after some problem with Azman Adnan and Muslim Ahmad, they can only to be in a pot 2 of Piala Malaysia draw. As for Piala FA winners, this might be their last season in MSL so it can be a good way to end their era in our league, 2 silverwares in 3 season and now it's time to get out from our league! As for Perak, to get a better place than last season is a great achievement, for a team that produces great young talent it is good to see them in mid-table or maybe little bit higher than 8th place.

Top 4 : JDT / Pahang / Selangor / Terengganu

annndddd after long time chasing the Elephant, JDT finally won the league! Pahang need to blame themselves for the late slip just like Liverpool have durin 13/14 season of BPL. As for Selangor, they need to blame themselves too for keep on wasting points in each game and please settle the problem in a dressing room. And it is same for Terengganu, they have a good team but the lack with a consistency in the middle of the season. Above all, footballing standard that been shown by JDT and Pahang are way better by the way the consistent the play. By the way, congrats for the team in top 4!

Conclusion : this season provides a more exciting than 2014 does, in a way we approaching a private league era, this kind of competitive need to be in our league. Congratulations to JDT for being champions once again, to Pahang and Selangor congrata for make it to top 3. Good bye to ATM and Sime Darby and welcome to top tier Kedah and Penang. See you next season! #MSL2015