Sunday, August 24, 2014


assalammualaikum and hello everybody!

ahhh it seems that very long time ago since I wrote on my blog in English. And this time I will write again in English, just want to improve my language and grammar most probably.

day by day, semester 3 about to reach the finishing line. Assignments, assignments and assignments makes me people without any feelings. hmmm meh....

but somehow, the feelings came from nowhere. Really thankful for that gift because for a long time I dont have any feeling in my body. So I think this is a new start for me, to move away from a past that makes who I am today.

And then, Allah met me and you. I found you always walk with your friends everyday at the same place and my eyes will automatically stare at you and start from that I in love with you. I tried to approach you and somehow I managed to do that but somehow it's not.

as time goes by, I see you busy with your work and your participant in college life. It makes me sometimes feel give up on you. I know you are busy, but... hmm it's okay then.

just I hope one day your feeling is same as my feeling on you. And hoping that one day wish on you will come true. And here is some words for you girl..


oh my dear,
I really wanna to tell you,
my sincere wish on you,
maybe it can be real someday?

but how can I tell you?
because I never have strength to do that,
and I only have a piece of sincere for it.

I really thankful to God,
because of you my loneliness is gone,
but it is hard for me,
to understand yourself.

even though my heart keep on spirit to get you,
there is nothing that I can do,
if you still in a sad all the time.

I really wanna touch your heart,
and hold your fingers tight,
and at that time I will say,
that I miss you so much.

for you my princess,
don't you ever in sad anymore,
only one thing that I ask from you,
it is your promise.

just please sleep tight,
and always remember that I always in your heart,
because my instinct always tell that,
my wish on you will be come true.

thank you Phyne Ballerz.

that's all for me, see ya!

p/s : sorry for bad English and crushing grammatical error also the jiwangness. it might hurts your eyes. krooh krooh

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